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OTMC Bushcraft 2016

February 2016 sees the return of the OTMC Bushcraft course. Our bushcraft / tramping skills course is designed for people just starting out tramping to those that have done several trips and want to brush up on some tramping skills.

This years course consists of four evening meetings in our clubrooms, followed by a weekend tramp into the local Silver Peaks area, located north of Dunedin city. A day of map and compass instruction is also available, as well as a river safety day.

The first evening for Bushcraft 2016 is on February 16 (Tuesday evening) and will cover tramping clothing, footwear and equipment. The second evening  (February 23) will introduce map, compass and navigation, as well as covering weather signs and environmental care.

The map and compass day will be on Sunday, February 28 and will be held on Flagstaff . A short refresh before starting will be followed by a practical exercise around a set of markers, with the opportunity to use both map and compass skills to locate them. Tramping and clothing suitable for off-track travel will be required.

The third evening (March 1)  will have a look at food for trampers (what to take, how to travel light etc.) as well as consider ways to cook in the hills(stoves and cookers)

The final evening (March 8) will concentrate on planning the weekend trip to the Silver Peaks, covering all the things you need to think about when planning any trip. This evening will also discuss options for trampers in Dunedin, as well as outline the benefits of joing the OTMC are.

The weekend trip to the Silver Peaks is on Masrch 12-13, leaving Dunedin at 8am on the Saturday morning. Participants will be split into parties of 4-5 people, each with an experienced OTMC leader. The purpose of the weekend is to put into practise the skills we have covered at the evening meetings. This includes route-finding using map and compass, pitching tents or flies, and using portable cookers. (the Silver Peaks consists of tracks of varying degrees of condition (sometimes no track) and includes some steep sections - typical tramping time for this trip is 5-7 hours per day). 

River safety and river-crossing skills are amongst the most important skills a tramper needs. Unfortunately there is no suitable location within the Silver Peaks to practise this essential skill, so a further day (March 6) will be held at the Taieri River from Outram Glen to introduce and practise river crossing.

TThe format of the course is adaptable, so if there is something we are not covering that you would like to see, please let us know and we will include it.

To register for the course, please fill out the application form (available below), and either email to us,  post, or bring to the first night (payment can be made on February 16/17).

UPDATE: February 8 - ADDITIONAL DATES for OTMC BUSHCRAFT 2016 (Course 2)

  • February 17, 2016 (Wednesday 7pm): Course 2 - First Night: Introduction to Bushcraft, Clothing, footwear and gear/equipment, slide show 'Great Walks to the Back Of Beyond'

  • February 24 (Wednesday 7pm): Course 2 - Second Night: Map Reading and Compass Use.

  • February 28 (Sunday, 9am) - Both Courses: Navigation Day, Flagstaff and Ben Rudd Property.

  • March 2 (Wednesday 7pm): Course 2 - Third Night: Food for tramping, cookers & portable stoves, weather and environmental care.

  • March 6 (Sunday 9am) - Both Courses: River Safety Day, river crossing practice (theory and pratcical, clubrooms and Taieri River (Outram Glen)

  • March 9 (Wednesday 7pm): Course 2 - Final evening: Trip planning, local tramping oppurtunities, about the OTMC, where to from here?

  • March 12-13 (Sat/Sun) - Both Courses: Silver Peaks Pratical Overnight Tramp (day trip options available)

BUSHCRAFT 2016 Application form: PDF Ι MS Word

BUSHCRAFT 2016 (Course #2) Application form: PDF Ι MS Word

Download an Information poster here - Version 1  Ι Version 2