The new Leaning Lodge (Jan 2013)

Leaning Lodge Trust

April 2017: Leaning Lodge is officially closed at present after discussions with the DCC and DOC........pending an updated engineering report. Any inquiries ring/txt Alan Thomson 0210551139 or Pete Strang 0274731265

July 2017: The Leaning Lodge Trust and the OTMC wish to advise that further building activity is planned at Leaning Lodge - this will include entire recladding of the hut and other associated tasks. It is hoped the majority of this work can be carried out over the 2017/18 summer period and is dependent on funding and weather conditions. Once this work is complete and a building consent has been finalised with the DCC, the hut will be fully available for public use, and the OTMC and DoC notice that the hut is currently closed to the public will be removed. In the meantime, Leaning Lodge is officially closed to all users.

In the event you need to pay any fees or make a donation to the Leaning Lodge Trust, use this bank account number for Internet banking: 060901 0362957 00
Please include your name and details or your payment.

At the 2006 OTMC Annual General Meeting, a trust was formed with the following objectives:

'The purpose of the Trust is to promote the environmental, recreational and educational role of Leaning Lodge within the context of the Rock and Pillars and are as follows:'

  • To maintain the hut for the public to use
  • To bring the hut up to an acceptable standard and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements for the hut.
  • To obtain a concession or formal written arrangement from the land owner for the ongoing occupation of the hut on the site.
  • To protect and foster the historical connection the OTMC, tramping clubs and Ski Clubs have had with Leaning Lodge.
  • To promote the use of Leaning Lodge property for the use of recreational walkers, skiers, and other people.
  • To solicit other like-minded organisations to work together to achieve the purposes of the Trust.

In time, these pages will include the full history of this hut as well as providing information on access to the hut.