Leaning Lodge on the Rock and Pillar Range 

Leaning Lodge Trust

Leaning Lodge, on the Rock and Pillar Range, is currently administered by The Leaning Lodge Trust.
The Leaning Lodge Trust is a properly formed legal entity and holds Charitable Status. Under the Trust Deed, the trust itself is elected by the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club.

The role of the Leaning Lodge Trust is to bring Leaning Lodge to a state where it meets the statuary requirements of the local building authority, in this case the Dunedin City Council.

As the hut is situated on Department of Conservation land, it also has to satisfy the requirements of DoC. This includes a concession to occupy the site (which the OTMC currently hold, dependent on the hut being completed to DCC requirements).

The hut that is presently on site does not have official sign-off from the Dunedin City Council, therefore the DCC, DoC, Leaning Lodge Trust and the OTMC have agreed that the hut can not be used for any day and overnight use, and ask that everyone venturing to the hut respects this. The Leaning Lodge Trust are working hard with the DCC and DoC to resolve the long-term future of the hut, and use of the hut now will jeopardise the relationship they currently enjoy.

The Leaning Lodge Trust know what is required to satisfy the DCC and the Building Code, and the work is major. It is possible the simplest solution will be to dismantle the current hut and start again,. This has taken time to get to this stage, and will take substantial time, money and voluntary labour to complete. The Leaning Lodge Trust are all volunteers and are committed to the resolution of this issue.

The Leaning Lodge Trust welcome any comments from interested people, and offers of any assistance will be gratefully received - the Trust can be contacted via the OTMC email address.

In the meantime, be aware that Leaning Lodge is closed, and will remain so for some time. Information and contact information for the nearby Big Hut can be found here.

Information current as at August 2020.